K&L Microwave offers a variety of Multi-Function Assemblies (MFA) products to satisfy a broad range of filtering applications. Many applications require frequency pre-selection at the front end of the communication or test and measurement system. Tunable Bandpass and Bandreject filters provide the best solution for pre-tuning the desired signals while rejecting the interfering signals. The method of tuning can be either mechanical via a tuning knob mounted on the front of the filter, or electro-mechanical via an optional remote digital interface such as GPIB, RS-232, RS-422 or BCD. Tunable filters can be offered to cover frequencies as low as 200KHz, or as high as 18GHz. K&L Microwave offers Tunable Filters from stock, which cover many popular frequencies for applications such as military communications and many popular wireless bands. Depending on the specific application, the tuning ranges can exceed an octave. For many customer specific applications, K&L Microwave offers the ability to configure filters into an integrated product assembly. These MFA products range from electromechanically tuned diplexers and multicouplers to frequency agile filters and switched filter banks. Although many integrated products are engineered to order, many of the designs are derivatives of existing products, thus allowing the development cycle time to be kept to a minimum. MFA products provide the customer with the freedom to allow K&L Microwave to offer a turnkey solution to their more complex filtering requirements. With this product base, K&L offers filter solutions for applications ranging from automated test labs to more complicated applications such as point-to-point communication and broadband signal analysis.

4-Channel SFB - 4-Channel Switched Filter Bank

Compact Package
TTL Controlled
Terminated and By-Pass Mode
80 dB Stopbands

Channelizing SFB - Channelizing Filter Bank

1 to 8, 12, or 16 Way Channelizing Filter Bank
Frequency 2 to 4 GHz
Outputs Amplitude Matched
to +/- 0.5 dB Against Common Reference
Hermetically Sealed

5SFB-00044 - Low Profile Switched Filter Bank

High-speed TTL-controlled 5-channel switched filter bank
Low profile packaging
Channels centered at 3500 MHz, 4000 MHz, 4500 MHz,
5000 MHz, and 5500 MHz
Switching speed less than 20 ns

Modular SFB - Modular Switch Filter Bank

2-Channel Through to a 7-Channel Configuration
Low Profile Packaging
High Channel-to-Channel Isolation
Removable SMA Connectors and Filters