3-6 GHz

FC Series - Filter in Connector

Custom Solutions for Bandpass, Lowpass, Highpass,
and Notch Responses
Compact and Rigid - Filter Resides in an SMA Adaptor
External to Electronic Equipment and Easily Maintained
Power Handling 10 Watts CW

IL Series - Lumped Component Microminiature Lowpass

Covers the 10 MHz to 6 GHz Frequency Range
Designs Available in 2-10 sections
0.05 dB Chebyshev Design Response
Small, Compact Package / Ruggedized Package Design

L Series - Tubular Lowpass Filters

2-8 Sections / 40 MHz to 20000 MHz
Economical Design Yields High Performance Results
0.05 dB Chebychev Design
Ruggedized Package Designs / See Dimensions
Use Filter Wizard for L Series

L Series - Clean-Up Filters (6L250 Family)

Quarter-Inch Diameter Tubular Lowpass Filters
Clean-Up Filters, Ranging from 2 GHz to 12 GHz Cut-Off
Part numbers 6L250-00084, 6L250-00085, 6L250-00086,
6L250-00088, and 6L250-00089.

SL Series - Suspended Substrate Lowpass

Covers 2 GHz to 18 GHz Frequency Range
Excellent Environmental Performance
Ruggedized Package Design
Custom Designs Available