1-400 MHz

IL Series - Lumped Component Microminiature Lowpass

Covers the 10 MHz to 6 GHz Frequency Range
Designs Available in 2-10 sections
0.05 dB Chebyshev Design Response
Small, Compact Package / Ruggedized Package Design

L Series - Tubular Lowpass Filters

2-8 Sections / 40 MHz to 20000 MHz
Economical Design Yields High Performance Results
0.05 dB Chebychev Design
Ruggedized Package Designs / See Dimensions
Use Filter Wizard for L Series

LL Series - Lumped Component Miniature Lowpass

Covers the 0.1 MHz to 2500 MHz Frequency Range
Designs Available in 2-10 Sections
Low Insertion Loss / 0.05 dB Chebyshev Response
Small, Ruggedized Package

LL Series - 6LL10-400/X1200-N/NP

Type N Connectors
Shape Factor 1.03:1
Ultimate Rejection
Low Loss

LL Series - High Power Lumped Element Filter

K&L Microwave has developed a series of high power lumped element filters featuring small size and power handling in excess of 1 kilowatt. The proprietary design maximizes heat dissipation and is "ruggedized" for harsh environments. High power lumped component filters are available in custom lowpass, highpass, bandpass, and notch configurations.

4KCB70-90/512 - 4 Band Lowpass Filter

Leaded Surface Mount Package
20 Watts CW Power
Absorptive Input
Applications: Broadcasting and Aeronautical Navigation

High Power Lowpass - Lumped Component High-Power Lowpass

Clean-up filter from FM band transmitter
Low Loss
Power: 1250 W Continuous
Excellent VSWR