K&L News

New Products

01/09/20197 and 9 Section Tunable Filters

12/14/2018Transition Time Converters (TTC)

07/19/2018UHF MULTICOUPLER (300 - 400 MHz)

07/19/20187SFB-225/Q512-O - 7 Channel 100 Watt UHF Switched Filter Bank

01/22/201850 W High-Power UHF Switched Filter Bank

09/28/2016Band 5 Notch Filter

08/23/2016LTE/WiFi Range Digitally-Tuned Adjustable Bandwidth Bandpass Filter

07/21/2016CTB Series High Frequency Tunable Bandpass

06/22/2016WSD-01039 Band 7 Measurement BP/BS Diplexer

07/26/2013JTIDS/MIDS Triple Band Bandpass Filter

09/21/20127HP-960/X1215-O/O Passes JTIDS/MIDS and Rejects GSM/UMTS

08/01/2012700 MHz Public Safety Notch Filter for LTE Systems

07/30/2012Pin Diode Switches

11/11/2011Multi-Octave Tunable Solutions

11/10/2011Tunable Bandreject Filter 3TNF-3000/4000-N/N

05/18/2011Miniature High Frequency Bandpass Filters

03/02/2011Inmarsat/Iridium Cosite Interference Filters

01/03/2011Low PIM Products for Broadband Emission Monitoring

09/09/2010Miniature Microwave Cavity Notch Filters

05/10/2010UHF Space Diplexer

04/13/2010AMPS Extended A-Band Notch Filter

02/22/201018-50GHz Highpass Filter

05/21/2009Multiplexer with Overlapping Bands (8 to 18 GHz)

05/21/2009Wireless Duplexer Assemblies

05/21/2009SATCOM Pre-Filter Amplifier

11/02/2007Surface Mount Cavity Filter (6FV-7500/E500-SMT)

10/22/2007Gull Wing Mini-Pack (8MP20-7140/H500-PX/XX)

10/18/2007Miniature Cavity Bandpass Filter

10/08/2007UHF/VHF High Power Notch (WSN-00198)

09/04/2007N Series Notch with Extended Upper Passband (5N45-4265/H1600-O/O)

09/03/2007VHF Autotuned Filter (D2HBTM-85/165-0.5-N/N-BRI)

08/08/2007VHF High Power Triplexer (4LM10-40/XQ88-N/N)

07/27/2007High Power Ceramic Band Reject Filter (4DRN40-422.75/X3-O/O)

07/17/2007Low Profile Bandpass Filter

07/16/2007Weather Sealed Notch Filter (WSN-00280)

06/14/2007UHF High Power Notch (WSN-00278)

06/12/2007Wide Band Notch Filter (6IN40-897.5/X265-O/O)

05/16/2007AMPS & DCS/UMTS Crossband Coupler (WSD-00503)

05/08/20076FV20-8180/U680-O/O from FV Series

09/13/2006Mechanically Switched Triplexer (5LM10-00004-O/N)

04/19/2006800 MHz Rebanding Duplexer

09/13/2005Broadband Terminated Bandpass Filter for Up-Converters

05/27/2005Up-Converter / Down-Converter Assemblies

05/27/2005E-Band Diplexer (7WZ01-73.5/83.5/5-V/V / X7WZ01-73.5/83.5/5-V/V)

05/13/2005JTRS Low-Loss High-Power Notch Combiner