K&L Microwave, Inc. designs and manufactures a complete line of RF and microwave filters, duplexers and integrated assemblies. K&L offers customers the most extensive range of filter-based products in the industry. Supplying quality parts to our customers is a top priority at K&L and the Supply Chain plays a key role in making that happen. K&L’s Supply Chain Strategy is to develop a global supply chain process that focuses on product excellence with our suppliers of choice. Providing defect-free products every time is one of the main goals of the supply chain.

In order to achieve this goal, K&L needs the support of all our suppliers. We select suppliers who are capable of continually providing process, system, and organization improvements, as well as defect-free products and services. We believe that it is the supplier’s responsibility to provide product, material, and service with consistently high and ever improving quality, and to demonstrate conformance and control. Our Quality Policy (listed in our Supplier Policy Manual referenced below) reinforces the focus and commitment to quality. We expect our suppliers to share our mission and commitment toward quality and take steps to ensure processes are set up to achieve these goals.

The following downloadable documents are provided to our suppliers in an effort to define the Purchasing and Quality requirements necessary to ensure a successful partnership between K&L Microwave and our suppliers.

Supplier Policy Manual The Supplier Policy Manual documents the required quality standards for products and services purchased from suppliers, and outlines K&L’s overall expectations.

Confidentiality Agreement Completion and return of the Non-Disclosure Agreement form to K&L establishes a confidentiality agreement between K&L and the recipient for confidential and proprietary information shared between the two parties.

Supplier Self-Evaluation Form K&L is dedicated to providing defect-free products on time to internal and external customers. Therefore, the quality of purchased and subcontracted supplies, materials and services must fully support our goals. It is the intent of K&L to buy only from those suppliers who exhibit a high degree of internal control of their manufacturing processes and who have implemented an adequate quality management system. As part of our Supplier Management Program, we need each supplier to complete document 1001147, Supplier Self-Evaluation, to assess your capabilities to satisfy our customers. It will also be used as a basis for a preliminary evaluation of your facility.

Supplier Size & Classification Certification In order to comply with our subcontracting plan, K&L needs to verify each supplier's business size and classification. We ask your cooperation by completing and returning document 1009618, Supplier Size and Classification Certification, to K&L as promptly as possible to ensure unnecessary delays in future business transactions.

Purchase Order Quality Requirements The Purchase Order Quality Requirements document specifies all flow down requirements. All requirements stated in the purchase order with K&L shall be flowed down to all the suppliers’ sub-tier suppliers, including any key characteristics that have been identified. The requirements provided in this document with their terms and conditions become an integral part of the purchase order and become a supplement to the presently existing terms and conditions of the purchase order.

First Article Inspection Please review the First Article Inspection of Purchased Product document (#1022778) for guidelines to adhere to for First Article Inspection requirements.

Supplier Corrective Action Requests Please see the K&L Microwave Quick Start Guide for Supplier Corrective Action Requests and the complete K&L Microwave Guide for Supplier Corrective Action Requests as resources.

Statement on Conflict Minerals Please see K&L's Conflict Mineral Statement.

Counterfeit Electronic Parts Avoidance Please see K&L's Counterfeit Electronic Parts Avoidance Plan .

Supplier Code of Conduct Please see K&L's Supplier Code of Conduct.

Waiver and Deviation Request Form Please see Waiver and Deviation Request Form.

Bank References References will be provided upon request.

Contractor Briefing The Contractor Briefing – Environment, Safety & Health (ESH) Presentation provides training information to contractors who will be working in or around K&L’s facilities. The presentation defines K&L’s expectations for our contractors for protecting the environment and for safeguarding K&L personnel and contractor personnel working on our company’s behalf.

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